= = = 2002 - The Beginning = = =

It was some when in July 2002 that Markus discovered the forceful grunting capacities of the later shouter Marius.
Being urgently in need of a capable "singer" for his band, at that time consisting of two members, himself and Chris at the drums, he forced this spawn of sickness to join the emerging formation of L’ESTARD.
In late November 2002, after a long and desperate search for a bass player, Friede joined the band. His rumbling bass raised the already very powerful sound to a new level of aggression. Now the sound got all its smashing power and devastating hatred it needed to be unleashed upon the world.
Half a year after the momentous decision to form a musical alliance, the first appearance occurred. An unofficial preview of the storm to come was presented to a distinguished audience in our rehearsal rooms in Friedrichshafen.

= = = 2003 – 2004 = = =

The year 2003 witnessed the awakening...L’ESTARD carved its way through the audiences. Being confirmed by the impact of the sound and the force of the growing arsenal of devastating songs, the band continued to work on new songs for an aim coming closer and closer into reach:
The first album “BAPTIZED IN BLOOD”.
Yet in early 2004 a new axeman joined the band. Kai not just fixed in as well as one could desire but brought new impacts and aspects to enrich the sound of L’ESTARD. With this new direction being drawn to, the forge found a new hammer: Laki stated his interest to wield the hammers in the forge. The enthusiasm of these two fellows gave rise to a new era in the history of L’ESTARD. More devastation, a new sound and more was yet to come... During the year 2004 the band focused on writing new material, the songs got more speed and aggression and the band grew to a powerful union.

= = = 2005 – 2008 = = =

In January 2005 the TANKSAFE STUDIOS were entered and the first Album entitled "Baptized in Blood" was forged, which was released in Mai 2005.
So finally L’ESTARD was unleashed upon the audiences...and proved to be a live killing machine! The shows in 2005 and 2006 got L’estard a monster recognition in southern Germany and 2006 witnessed new killer songs and massive live devastation!
With the end of the year, Laki left the band due to personal reasons. As replacement Julian boarded the Deathship. Numerous gigs were played and the growing demand for new material was answered by the creation of new killer songs.
In December 2007 the band entered the CHAINSAW SOLUTIONS STUDIOS to record their second album entitled "DRIVEN INTO SLAUGHTER"

= = = 2008 = = =

March 2008 brought a double impact: Julian and Kai had to part ways with the band. Due to professional reasons both were no longer able to come up with the time required by the time-consuming activities of L’ESTARD. This was the hour of the return of the Greek. Laki, who left the band in early 2007, rejoined the force. A new Axeman was recruited from the spot. Fabe, owner of the CHAINSAW SOLUTION STUDIO fills in for Kai.
More is yet to come and to be expected!